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Design & development
Website design:
Planning & documentation.
Interface & admin system needs.
Full colour mock-ups.
PHP, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX and MySQL.
Each project is uniquely coded to make as efficient and secure as possible.
You retain full ownership and rights over all design, coding, systems and databases.
Search engine optimisation (SEO):
When building your website we will advise on appropriate SEO measures (to help you rank in search engines).
Things taken into consideration include domain names, page titles, headings, page content, links, Metadata, image tags and more.

Content Management Systems

General content management systems.
CMS systems that can also manage:
Images / Video Galleries.
User accounts.
Quotes and invoices.
Communication & newsletter systems.
Statistics and advertising.
Locations and mapping data.
Database driven systems
Custom spec MySql driven database systems.
Intelligent, efficient and secure websites that handle many thousands of users.
CMS / Admin systems.
User based systems and accounts.
Newsletter systems.
Mapping systems.
Quoting systems.
File management systems.
User communication systems.
Data reporting, importing and exporting.
Online shopping websites
Secure custom designed online shopping systems designed around your needs.
Simple one product sites to complex multi category websites with thousands of products.
Payment & Shipping systems.
Cart based systems.
User account based systems.
CMS / Admin systems.
Order processing, notification and communication systems.
Product information, videos, images, slideshows, options, specials, associated products, recently viewed, statistics and many further options.
Coupon based systems.
Reporting & statistcs systems.
General information websites
Customised content.
Image / Video galleries.
CMS / Admin systems.
Animations / Slideshows.
Quoting & enquiry systems.

Quoting systems

From a simple box with a few questions to a complex questionnaire hooked into other customised systems.
Responses could:
Send an email to an admin awaiting a reply.
Be stored in a database for further use and potentially hooked into other customised systems.
Display pricing, products or services on the users screen based on their selections.
Questions and responses can be tied to a CMS that dynamically change depending on your input.

Web scraping systems

Grab and use data from other websiteís including:.
Links, text, Images and downloadable files.
Reviews, users, product info and statistics.
Just about anything you can think of!

Reporting systems

For general public, registered users or admins.
Reporting data can be:
Filtered down via your selection criteria.
Viewed on screen (in data lines or shown as a graph).
Exported to Excel, PDF, Text or other format.
Connected to an external program or other website.
Show genera; tallies, totals and statistics of selection.
Drilled down further to show more information.
Hosting & domain names
Hosted in Australia on shared Linux servers.
Management via CPanel.
Hosting starting from $99 per year.
Dedicated IP address and SSL certificates @ $143 per year.
Domain names:
Australian domain names inc:,,
Global domain names inc: .com, .biz, .info, .net, .org
All priced at $44 for 2 years
* All pricing (unless otherwise indicated) includes GST
  Pricing subject to change without notice

We like to think that we are a little bit different from other web developers (in a good way!)

Operating since 2007, we have been planning, designing and coding custom built websites for many a Victorian business, charity and club. Located in Rowville (South East Melbourne), we work closely with you in turning your idea into a thoroughly planned, fully working and well tested custom built website.

ďBetter Than Average WebsitesĒ handle the entire process including domain name(s), hosting, database backups, Google Analytics, training, SSL certificates, payment systems, SEO - the LOT! Everything required for a fully running completed website.

Unusually; we donít outsource our coding and design, give templates a wide berth and avoid using off the shelf software. This freedom allows cleaner coding, reduces issues and speeds up site performance, also giving you the ability to do just about anything.

Whether itís a general information website or a complex database driven system with thousands of users, we document, design and code from scratch creating a unique, efficient and upgradable website.

Limited sales talk - no exaggeration of timelines and we wonít push you to purchase features that arenít required. We clearly indicate all pricing upfront (generally in fixed price contracts) and strictly adhere to our deadlines.

On this page we have attempted to briefly cover our major services. Have a look at our other pages for further information and donít be afraid to call us or send us an email via the contact page.
Better Than Average Websites DOíS
We take care of the entire process start to completion: From Design, documentation, coding, testing, training, hosting, domain name registration and more!
Communication Ė we keep you in the loop: Throughout the whole process we keep you posted on where we are at and what happens next. There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you donít understand, ask away!
Plan, design & document your website: Before we start any job we plan and document a job thoroughly covering every aspect of your website. No surprises, no cost blowouts, no shortcomings!
Give you a fixed price quote before we continue any work: Our years of experience allow us to accurately quote and time a job for completion.
Code the entire website from scratch based on your exact requirements: We donít use templates and avoid using off the shelf software. This allows you to have a cleanly coded efficient website that can be easily upgraded in the future.
Thoroughly test websites and systems: All websites are thoroughly tested in the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. We also briefly test for quirks on iPhoneís and iPadís.
Allow you to use and test your website during its development: During development we give you access to a special website address that allows you to operate your website whilst it is being built.
Train you on the use of your new website: On completion of your website we will train you (usually over the phone or at our office) in regards to your Content Management System, email setup and the use of Google Analytics (used to give you stats on visitors to your website).
Create websites that are flexible and alterable: Our custom coding makes it a lot easier to upgrade parts of your website later down the track.
Search engine optimisation (SEO): All websites we create are intelligently search engine optimised. We make sure that appropriate text, headings, page titles, page names, metadata, links and domain names are optimised and appropriate to help you rank well within search engines like Google.
Support your project after completion: Our free support continues for a year after your website has been successfully completed. This includes ALL aspects of your job including bug fixing, CMS system help, hosting, domain name queries, payments systems, email and much more.
Better Than Average Websites DONTíS
Do not talk to you in Techno babble: We prefer to talk to you in plain English, keeping technical jargon, acronyms and business management speak to an absolute minimum!
Do not sell you something you donít need: Our planning and code from scratch philosophy allows us to create websites that arenít loaded with useless features and that meet your exact needs. Not ours!
Do not outsource any coding or designers: We handle the coding and design in-house. You deal with the one person from start to completion. No confusion, blaming other parties or miscommunication!
Do not use templates! Did me mention we design and code everything from scratch! Templates can be a REAL pain to deal with and close to impossible to break out of and customise. Not our cup of tea thanks!
Avoid using "off the shelf" systems wherever possible! We inherit a lot of work from in-experienced developers that have selected "off the shelf" software, only to find out that customising it opens up a minefield of bugs and issues that can be very difficult to fix. Our planning and clean coding allows us to create fast efficient systems that are often cheaper in the long run than modifying "off the shelf" software.
Will not leave you stranded: Apart from our excellent design and coding, we also like to think we provide excellent support and communication. Got an issue, give us a call! Got a question, give us a call!
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